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AZTEC ACE: The Complete Collection


The first ever 500+ page hard cover collection of Doug Moench's incredible 15 issue 1980's time travel adventure, with art by Dan Day, Michael Hernandez, Ron Harris, Thomas Yeates, and more!
- Foreword by Cat Yronwode
-Introduction by Doug Moench
-Afterword by David Allen
-Cover art gallery
-AZTEC ACE sketch gallery, with art by Kelley Jones, Ron Harris, Joe Staton, Michael Avon Oeming, Jeff Lemire, Paul Gulacy, Bill Sienkiewicz, Matt Kindt, Dan Day, Michael Wm Kaluta, ChrisCross, Jok, and Paul Pope.
-Special essay about logo design and comic book coloring in the 1980s.
-Extra 10 page AZTEC ACE story by Doug Moench and Tim Sale.
-Never-before-seen 52 page AZTEC ACE script by Doug Moench